What is the Career & Leadership program?

It is not sufficient to be promoted to a managerial position. The new leader must also strive to adopt a new leadership identity to match his job.

Career & Leadership:

  • is a transformative process for any person in a managerial position, not a training program to develop management skills;
  • reconciles past experience with future goals and objectives while respecting a person’s basic identity;
  • places the manager at the centre of his relational network and refocuses his organizational perspective on collaboration and collective success.

Who does the program target?

The program is intended for leaders* who wish to :

  • have more impact on their organization;
  • broaden their array of behaviours and solutions;
  • increase their self-awareness, as well as their awareness of others and the corporate environment.

*Cohorts may consist of same-level managers from one or more organizations.

Career & Leadership proposal

  • A manager is his own best resource.
  • A manager should be inquisitive and interested.
  • A manager should focus on relationships.
  • A manager achieves his goals through influence.

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